Welcome to the Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (PSMID) Adult Immunization Course. We're delighted to have you here as we embark on a journey to deepen your understanding of adult immunization principles and recommendations.
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This comprehensive course is designed to provide evidence-based insights into recommended vaccines for the adult population. It aligns with the Philippine Guidelines on Periodic Health Examination Immunization for Adults and the Department of Health/Hepatology Society of the Philippines Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Management of Hepatitis B in the Philippines. This course is intended for the following healthcare professionals:
Throughout the course, you'll engage with 8 video modules covering vaccine-preventable diseases [VPDs) discussing general principles of immunization. Each video module delves into the disease burden of vaccine-preventable illnesses, the benefits and potential drawbacks of targeted vaccinations, cost considerations, and recommendations that prioritize equity, acceptability, and feasibility.

To reinforce your learning, multiple-choice questions will follow each module, allowing you to assess and apply your newfound knowledge effectively.

Please ensure the pre-test is completed before advancing to the post-test.

Adult Immunization Modules can be
accessed from May 2, 2024 - May 2, 2025

Adult Immunization Modules can be accessed from May 2, 2024 - May 2, 2025